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Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology

Online ISSN: 1347-3913, ISSN-L: 1346-8014.


Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology (JACT) is an open access international journal for publishing high quality articles on concrete materials, concrete structures and other related subjects toward the advancement of concrete engineering field. All articles in JACT are free to access and download. Also, there are no charges for submission and publication of the articles.

The topics include the followings:
Materials: Material properties of concrete, Fresh concrete, Hardened concrete, High performance concrete, New materials, Fiber reinforcement.
Structures: Design and construction of RC and PC Structures, Seismic design, Safety against environmental disasters, Failure mechanism and non-linear analysis/modeling, Composite and mixed structures
Maintenance and Rehabilitation: Durability and repair, Strengthening/Rehabilitation, LCC for concrete structures, Environment conscious materials.
Others: Monitoring, Aesthetics of concrete structures, Other concrete related topics.

JACT is high quality. Peer-reviewed by internationally renowned experts who return review comments to ensure the highest possible quality.
JACT is transparent. The status of your manuscript from submission to publishing can be viewed on our website, greatly reducing the frustration of being kept in the dark, possibly for over a year in the case of some journals.
JACT is cost-effective. There are no charges for subscription, submission and publication of the articles.
The average duration from submission to publishing is 5 to 7 months, and we are always trying to publish as early as possible.

Latest Impact Factor (2022): 2.0 (2years)
(Journal Citation Reports by Clarivate Analytics 2022)

  • 2024.5.31: Three papers published in May 2024 are now freely downloadable.
  • 2024.4.30: Five papers published in April 2024 are now freely downloadable.
  • 2024.3.30: Six papers published in March 2024 are now freely downloadable.
  • 2024.2.29: Two papers published in February 2024 are now freely downloadable.
  • 2024.1.31: Five papers published in January 2024 are now freely downloadable.
  • 2023.12.31: Five papers published in December 2023 are now freely downloadable.

  • Special Issue!
  • 2024.1.17: Special issue “Temperature-Time Effects on Properties of Concrete Materials and Structures” was published
  • 2023.12.9: Special issue “Recent Advances in High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Geopolymer Composites for Resilient and Sustainable Construction” was published.
  • 2023.8.7: Special issue -Call for papers - SP-13 “Synergising expertise towards sustainability and robustness of cement-based materials and concrete structures”
  • 2023.6.15: Special issue -Call for papers - SP-12 “Non-Destructive Evaluation of Concrete in Nuclear Applications”
  • 2023.1.07: Special issue -Call for papers - SP-11 “CO2 Valorization, Sequestration, and Utilization by Cement-based Materials”