Stochastic Approach to Shrinkage Cracking Control for Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements

T. Kanda, H. Momose, K. Imamoto and H. Mihashi

Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 6(1) 121-133, 2008

This study aims at evaluating shrinkage cracking risk in reinforced concrete structures, which has not been established in the past studies. To achieve this goal, analytical scheme capable of calculating the probability of shrinkage cracking was proposed. In this scheme, the variation of shrinkage restrained stress, that of concrete cracking strength, and safety factor are to be determined. The first two were determined with simple analytical simulation of structural elements, and the last factor was based on the comparison between cracking record of actual RC member and analysis results. Finally, this scheme was applied to actual construction project, and its validity was confirmed during the construction process.

Shrinkage has been studied for decades but in practical applications the stochastic character of shrinkage has almost never been taken into consideration in complete contrast to strength. Experimental results show that statistical scatter of shrinkage is more important than variability of strength. This paper can be considered to be a milestone in this field and it may be assumed that many papers will follow this track. (Prof. F. H. Wittmann, Germany)