Time-Dependent Structural Analysis Considering Mass Transfer to Evaluate Deterioration Process of RC Structures

H. Nakamura, W. Srisoros, R. Yashiro and M. Kunieda

Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 4(1) 147-158, 2006

The time dependent structural analysis method under multi actions in consideration of drying shrinkage due to moisture transfer and re-bar corrosion due to chloride ion penetration as well as external load actions was developed. The Rigid-Body-Spring Networks (RBSN) and truss networks model were used for structural analysis and mass transfer analysis, respectively. In addition to, mass transfer through bulk concrete, the one through cracks by setting truss networks on the boundaries of Voronoi particle was also considered. It was confirmed that the developed method was well simulated the deterioration process due to mass transfer for initial cracking behavior and ultimate behavior of concrete structures.

A new model to describe deterioration of concrete under combined mechanical and non-mechanical actions is described. Crack formation due to corrosion and drying shrinkage can be taken into consideration. This is a promising model to predict service life of reinforced concrete structures more realistically. (Prof. F. H. Wittmann, Aedificat Institute Freiburg, Germany)