Development and validation of nonlinear dynamic analysis in seismic performance verification of underground RC structure

J. Matsui, K. Ohtomo and K. Kanaya

Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 2(1) 25-35, 2004

Large shake table test and subsequent numerical analysis correlation were conducted to develop and validate a suitable nonlinear FEM model for the seismic performance evaluation of underground RC structures, enhancing the existing skeleton and hysteresis rules for RC members. A trilinear nonlinear RC member model that represents the effect of reinforcing bar pullout was developed and validated through numerical correlation analysis using past static loading tests. The shake table test results demonstrate that the deformation of model RC structure is fully governed by ground deformation both in the elastic and inelastic ranges. The FEM model developed here derives estimations that show good correlation with test results in terms of such parameters as structural deformation, shear stress distribution on the upper slab surface and concrete cracks and reinforcing bars yielding events, because of the successful parameter identification of nonlinear soil and RC member models.

RC members are modelled realistically as a basis for FEM calculations and the model is verified by a realistic test configuration using a shake table and simulating an underground structure. The proposed and used FEM model can realistically simulate the dynamic response of the underground structure. In this way the authors provide theoretically based and practically verified a design tool for underground structures. (Prof. P. Schiessl, Technical University of Munich))