Multi-scale Modeling of Concrete Performance

K. Maekawa, T. Ishida and T. Kishi

Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 1(2) 91-126, 2003

Multi-scale modeling of structural concrete performance is presented as a systematic knowledge base of coupled cementitious composites and structural mechanics. An object-oriented computational scheme is proposed for life-span simulation of reinforced concrete. Conservation of moisture, carbon dioxide, oxygen, chloride, calcium and momentum is solved with hydration, carbonation, corrosion, ion dissolution, damage evolution and their thermodynamic/mechanical equilibrium. The holistic system is verified by the reality

The paper presents the state-of-the-art in the integrated FEM modeling of concrete structures. The content is extensive and very well presented (Prof. Shunsuke Otani, Chiba University).

The paper describes an attempt to formulate a holistic computational model combining micro-structural characteristics and macro-scopic features to describe various aspects of the performance of concrete structures. The approach is highly innovative and may be expected, with further development and refinement, to yield valuable insights into the life-time response of structures exposed to complex environmental actions and loading (Prof. Christopher Page, University of Leeds)